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Week Eight Series Preview: vs. Ugga

The Dores are 8-1 in conference play; Ugga is 3-6. Still, there’s some fight in them dogs.

Auburn v Georgia
Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Week Eight (4/9-4/11): vs. The University of Georgia Ugga’s Balls Resting on a Tray of Ice

2021 Record: 18-10 (3-6 SEC).

Player to Watch: NOT Emerson Hancock, thank Jebus. The Seattle Mariners got an absolute steal in Hancock at #6 overall. That man was unreal, and we no longer have to face him. We will also not have to face Cole Wilcox (3rd round, Padres). Be happy.

The best of their current pitchers is likely #27 Fr. LHP/OF Luke “Flight of the Valkyries” Wagner (3-2, 2.95 ERA).

Georgia’s hitters are... fine, but mercurial. Hat tip to #44 RS. So. OF Ben “LaGrange” Anderson who hit .414 in 2020, but is currently batting below the Mendoza line. Their best current hitter is #28 Joshua “The Prison“ McAllister (.362/.382/.638) with 4 2B and 5 HR.

What made The Ugga’s Balls Resting on a Tray of Ice dangerous was the 1-2 punch of Hancock and Wilcox. Again, they’re no longer there. Be happy.

Confidence Level: High.

On the Mound

Thursday 6pm CT on SEC Network

Vanderbilt #80 Jr. RHP Kumar “White Castle” Rocker (7-0, 0.84 ERA)

vs. Ugga Fr. LHP Luke “Flight of the Valkyries” Wagner (3-2, 2.95 ERA)

Friday 6:30pm CT on SECN+

Vanderbilt #22 RHP Jack “Leits Out” Leiter (7-0, 0.43 ERA)

vs. Ugga #55 Sr. LHP Ryan “Area 51” Webb (2-1, 3.14 ERA)

Saturday 2:00pm CT on SECN+

TBA (Looks like Schultz might have pitched himself out of the rotation...)

vs. Ugga #12 So. RHP Jonathan “The Camera” Cannon (1-2, 4.58 ERA)