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Mark’s terrible bracket wins the AoG Bracket Challenge

Yep, this bracket was named ironically.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four City Scenes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have a winner in the AoG Bracket Challenge.

Mark’s terrible bracket (the actual name of the winning bracket) was one of five entries to correctly pick Baylor as the national champion, and his 1420 points were just barely enough to outpace second-place finisher Will Wade sucks’ 1370 points for the title, and this is a sentence I am writing on Anchor of Gold in the year of our Lord 2021.

Will Wade sucks was tied for the lead after the first round, correctly picking 25 of 32 games to keep pace with one of three brackets named “Andrew the Teenage Girl,” and Mark was three games back. But Andrew the Teenage Girl had the fatal flaw of selecting Ohio State, which lost to a 15-seed in the first round, as its national champ. But in a wild tournament, the final difference came in the Elite Eight: Mark correctly picked three of the Final Four teams (Gonzaga, Baylor, and Houston), while Will whiffed and selected Oklahoma State to come out of the Midwest (both incorrectly picked Alabama out of the East.)

Of course, had Gonzaga won last night, the winner of the bracket challenge would have been yours truly. I ended up in fifth place behind four of the five Baylor brackets.

Congrats to Mark on the win, and next year maybe your bracket will actually be terrible.