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Midweek Game Thread: vs. Eastern Kentucky

6:30pm CT on SECN+. The Mayor gets the midweek nod.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 06 OVC Championship - Eastern Kentucky v Belmont University
This mascot still calls it “The War of Northern Aggression” and you know it.
Photo by Stephen Furst/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

2021 Record: 10-20. The Eastern Kentucky Fried Chicken Mavens opened the year taking 1 of 3 from a pretty good Georgia Tech (Atlanta to purists) team. In fact, that’s the highlight of their year thus far in weekend play, as they’ve only won one weekend series (taking 2 of 3 from The University of Tee Martin). That would make this game a cake walk, right? (Pulls out Lee Corso mascot head in the form of Lee Corso’s actual comically large head) Not so fast, my friend! They beat Louisville in an Ides of March Boxing Day match 6-3. What does all of this tell us? I don’t know... it’s baseball. Even the worst teams can take it to the best teams on any given day. Take every game seriously. Also, Luke Smith and Louisville can go right to hell.

Player to Watch: #42 Fr. 3B Santiago “Boyle” Peralta. Before I give a cursory run-down of his statistics, I would be remiss not to mention that his name is quite literally an amalgam of TV’s Brooklyn Nine Nine power couple Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. He’s a plays by his own rules bad boy who is also a by the book stickler! He is both a perfect team and the combination of oil and water. He is an oxymoron and the singularity. He is the alpha and the omega. How in the ever-loving bouncing pectoral muscles of Terry Crews is his number not #99?!?!?!

And no, the fact that his number, like Christian Little, is the answer to life, the universe, and everything doesn’t make any of this remotely better.

Is this the work of noted fuddy duddy Raymond Holt???

He’s hitting .310/.417/.352 with 3 2B 0 3B 0 HR and a very Boyle-worthy 5 RBI.

Confidence Level: High.

See you in the comments.