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Facilities Money Printer Go Brrrrrr

Vanderbilt announces a $300 million capital campaign.

Vanderbilt Commodores Photo by Vanderbilt/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Well, this is... something.

So today we found out what the long-rumored mystery press conference with Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and Athletic Director Candice Storey Lee was about involving the “future of Vanderbilt athletics,” and it’s this, which is a very big deal and I probably don’t need to explain to you why this is a big deal. Vanderbilt’s athletic facilities were behind those of the rest of the Southeastern Conference even before the SEC Network revenue-fueled facilities arms race in the rest of the conference that the university hasn’t kept up with, and that gap has only gotten bigger.

Where specifically is this money going?

In other words, the university raised $100 million in donations for the capital campaign and matched that with $100 million in university money, and there’s I guess an additional $100 million to be raised — but from the sound of things, they have enough cash on hand to begin some of these projects immediately.

In short, money printer go brrrrr.