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Vanderbilt Baseball Mail Bag #6: Call For Submissions

Post VANDERBILT and/or SEC BASEBALL questions in the comments here, or email them to

St Patrick’s Day 2021
Photo by John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

The boys had a strong showing in the SEC-Big XII Challenge, as they swept Missourah (spits), and strengthened their case as the best team in the land. In total, against Okie State and Missourah (spits), Vanderbilt holds a 5-1 record in the SEC-Big XII challenge (the same as their current SEC record).

Speaking of strong showings, Jack Leiter followed a no-hitter against South Cackalacky with a 7 inning no-no against Missourah (spits), pulled only because we’re going to need his arm later in the season. Had he not been throwing on one fewer day of rest, would Corbs have allowed him to make history? Ah, ask that Tootsie Roll Pop Owl, as pulling Jack after 101 pitch-mations was the correct decision.

Anyway, I assume you have questions.

Here are the rules of the mail bag:

  1. This is a BASEBALL mailbag, so limit your questions to Vanderbilt baseball, SEC baseball, college baseball, or Vanderbilt baseball alums in the pros like Tony Kemp.
  2. Post your questions here in the comments and I’ll answer them in a post on this week. Just post them in the body of the comment, with the subject line: “Question for the mail bag.” You may also send your questions to
  3. I will collate the best of said emails/questions in the comments, and cull ones that deal with the same topic (so we don’t have to repeat ourselves multiple times weekly).
  4. All Anchor of Gold community guidelines apply to the questions. Our basic rule is “don’t be the worst.” Chuggers fans violate this like it’s their birth right.
  5. Mike Papi and Luke Smith are human garbage. Cowbells are annoying.

...and that’s it.

*Note: Questions about other SEC baseball teams are welcome, too. I just won’t know as much about them, and will likely respond with juvenile, biased trash talk.

I will do this weekly as long as the questions keep coming in. If they dry up, no post. I’m not mad, just disappointed.