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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament, Second Round

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Yeah, you’re watching bowling.

Drake v Southern California Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Saturday saw the first COVID elimination of the tournament, with VCU not being able to play Oregon thanks to COVID.

Sunday brings the first day of the second round. Here are today’s games:

11;10 AM CT: (8) Loyola-Chicago vs. (1) Illinois (CBS)

1:40 PM CT: (9) Wisconsin vs. (1) Baylor (CBS)

4:15 PM CT: (11) Syracuse vs. (3) West Virginia (CBS)

5:10 PM CT: (6) Texas Tech vs. (3) Arkansas (TNT)

6:10 PM CT: (10) Rutgers vs. (2) Houston (TBS)

6:45 PM CT: (15) Oral Roberts vs. (7) Florida (truTV)

7:45 PM CT: (13) North Texas vs. (5) Villanova (TNT)

8:40 PM CT: (12) Oregon State vs. (4) Oklahoma State (TBS)