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Black and Gold Spring Game to be streamed on SEC Network+

Vanderbilt’s spring game is scheduled for 11 AM on April 17.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have information about Vanderbilt’s 2021 Black and Gold Spring Game, thanks to, and it will be held at 11 AM CT on April 17 and streamed on the SEC Network+.

An interesting note here is that of the 12 SEC spring games that are scheduled, all but one are only on streaming. (Alabama’s is on ESPN; I’ll let you make the jokes there.) It seems to be mostly a sign that the SEC Network is taking baseball more seriously; instead of using the main network to televise spring games, the SEC Network on April 17 will show at least two baseball games. The Vanderbilt-Tennessee baseball game that day is scheduled for a 3 PM first pitch on the SEC Network, while the spring game is on an internet stream.

And that’s honestly probably a good thing. Spring football games have always been more of an in-person thing for fans, and should be a niche thing — rather than actual competitive baseball games. It would be even better if Vanderbilt had scheduled the spring football game for a day when the baseball team is also at home, but that didn’t happen. Ah, well.