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2021 Superb Owl Watch Party

All hail the great owl! Go Ke’Shawn!


Join us at Anchor of Gold in the comments while denizens of Kansas City and Tampa Bay compete to see whose Owl is most Superb. Will it be the Barn Owl? The Northern White-Faced Owl? The Eostrix? The Patrick Mahomes? The old one married to the professional underwear saleswoman? We shall find out. Also, The Weeknd will be there. I assume he is an amateur ornithologist come down from Canada to witness the migratory patterns of North American Owls. Perhaps he confused it for a Superb Vowel, and seeing as he is missing one from his name...

Most importantly, of course, former Vanderbilt Commodore Ke’Shawn “Mamba #5” Vaughn may well get some carries (though he currently is 4th on the depth chart behind even LeSean McCoy, and received no carries in the Conference Title Game against the Packers).

*Ke’Shawn Vaughn momentarily unblocks us on the Twatters only to block us again for that one.

Who: Us (the writers and commentariat of Anchor of Gold).

What: The 55th Annual Superb Owl Competition.

Where: Tampa Bay, a city located within America’s diseased dong. People wear jorts there.

When: Today (Sunday 2/7/2021) at 5:30pm CT.

How: Tune into CBS at or before 5:30pm CT.

Why: To crown the great owl. Also, I have to hope many of you are doing the responsible, though depressing thing and not hosting or attending a Superb Owl Superb Spreader Party today. Watch it with your virtual community here instead. I’ll bring the jokes and the queso dip.

While you wait, feel free to click on the “Preseason Baseball Mail Bag Call for Submissions” and ask a question about the Diamond Dores you want me to answer this week. When you have completed said task, head over to The Atlantic to check out some more images of superb owls.

Long-eared Owl In Daqing Photo by Liu Guoxing/VCG via Getty Images

Hail Pinman.