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Breaking T Finally Has a Vanderbilt Page

And Anchor of Gold has partnered with them. If you use my referral link, and this does well, there’s a distinct possibility you all will get to wear “Jeff Green Traveled!!!” shirts in the near future. I know, the stakes could not be higher.

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I don’t know if you’re familiar with the company Breaking T, but they’re a T-Shirt company which specializes in “In the Moment” sports T Shirts. They partner with many SB Nation Fan Sites, and now they partner with us teenaged girls over at Anchor of Gold.

Here’s why I partnered with them: if this company existed in 2007, you would be wearing a “Jeff Green Traveled!!!” T shirt right now. In fact, your wardrobe would be exclusively the “Jeff Green Traveled!!!” T shirt, like you’re a cartoon character who only has one outfit.

*Come to think of it, I will pitch a series of T Shirts to this company (think “Jeff Green Traveled,” “Luke Smith is Human Garbage,” “God Ssee Vocockyteps,” “Hail Pinman,” “Hire Nadia Harvin” and “OO!”).

*Please use my referral link so I can make the money printer go brrr (and, let’s be honest, what I make from SB Nation can best be described as “a pittance,” so I would really appreciate if you used this link so I can continue to devote an inordinate amount of time to blogging about Vanderbilt sports/telling Walsh he sucks—oooooohhhh... I should get them to make a “Walsh, You Suck!” shirt).

I can personally vouch for the quality of their T shirts, as I have many of them, including my favorite T shirt of all time from when Commodore Legend Tony Kemp was on the Astros.

Well, as of today, Anchor of Gold (and me, specifically) has partnered with Breaking T, as they finally have a Vanderbilt Collection.

Here is the New Vanderbilt Feetball Shirt

The Clark Lea/Captain Jean Luc Picard “Back on West End” (T Shirt and Hoodie):

New Vanderbilt Feetball Coach Captain Jean Luc Picard.

They Also Have a Lot of Badass Baseball Shirts, Hoodies, and Shirseys:

This one slaps so hard, it bunts with men on first and second and one out.
It’s not just Dansby the Mansby—they have shirseys for all the recent Vanderbilt Baseball alums who have made it to the pros.

Again, Please Use My Referral Link:

I cannot stress this part enough. The more Breaking T sees my referral link used, the more likely I will be able to sell them on actually making whatever whacknuts T shirt ideas us teenaged girls at Anchor of Gold come up with. Oh dear God, we can have one with Ted Skuchas given the Andy Warhol treatment. There is a distinct possibility we can all soon live in a world where we get to wear Ted Skuchas’s face on our bodies WHENEVER WE WANT if you use my referral link. OO!

In Closing...