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Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest

Have fun, expect to win... the bowl pick ‘em contest.

Hail Pinman.
Did someone say bowling?
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Professional Bowlers Association

The Vanderbilt Commodores aren’t playing in a bowl this year, but here at Anchor of Gold, when has that ever stopped us from having a good time?

I’ve created a bowl pick ‘em group through ESPN, where you, the Anchor of Gold reader (and, possibly, commenter) will pick 44 bowl games (including the CFP national championship game and the Celebration Bowl, as well as the Frisco Football Classic which ESPN literally just thought up at the last minute so that nobody with six wins would be left out.) And to spice things up, we’re doing confidence picks: rank every selection from 44 (most confident) to 1 (least confident), and you’ll be awarded points based on the confidence score you attached to the game.

Since the first bowl game (Middle Tennessee vs. Toledo in the Bahamas Bowl) kicks off at 11 AM CT on Friday, I assume you’ll need to get your picks in by then. I’ll also ask that you make yourself somehow identifiable, though if history is any indication we will get 12 submissions under the name “Andrew the Teenage Girl.”

Have fun, expect to win.