APR Bowlnanza Sweepstakes

At least Vanderbilt can pretend fans stayed home to watch their game on SECN Alternate. - HELEN COMER/The Daily News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Briefly: There are 82 bowl slots available. By my count, 73 teams have reached six wins. At least four more are guaranteed, due to matchups between 5-6 teams. That gets us to 77.

Can we get a bowl bid for 5-7 Washington or (checks rankings)...MTSU? Probably not, but let's give it a run.

(This is what happens when Vanderbilt football is a pile, and therefore we turn our attention elsewhere.)

All times Central Standard Time, the Lord's preferred timezone. 5-win teams in bold.

  • Thanksgiving, 2:30 PM, FS1: Fresno St. at San Jose St. — SJSU lost 40-9
  • Friday, 2:30 PM, ESPN+: South Alabama at Coastal Carolina
  • Friday, 3:30 PM, FS1: TCU at Iowa St.
  • 11:00 AM, SECN: Florida St. at Florida (both are 5-6, cheer against whoever)
  • 11:00 AM, BTN: Maryland at Rutgers (both are 5-6, cheer against whoever)
  • 1:00 PM, ESPN+: Charlotte at Old Dominion (both are 5-6, cheer against whoever)
  • 1:00 PM, ESPN+: Texas-San Antonio at North Texas
  • 1:00 PM, ESPN+: Troy St. at Georgia St.
  • 2:00 PM, none apparently: Hawaii at Wyoming (Hawaii would be 6-7, still counting that)
  • 2:45 PM, ACCN: Virginia Tech at Virginia
  • 3:00 PM, ESPN2: Tulsa at SMU
  • 6:00 PM, ESPN: Texas A&M at LSU
  • 6:00 PM, FS1: West Virginia at Kansas
  • 6:00 PM, Stadium Video (free on Roku): MTSU at Florida Atlantic (both are 5-6)
  • 6:30 PM, ESPNU: Tulane at Memphis
  • 6:30 PM, ACCN: Pitt at Syracuse
  • 9:30 PM, ESPN: BYU at USC (USC is only 4-6, and would still need to beat Cal as well)
  • 9:30 PM, FS1: California at UCLA (Cal is only 4-6, and would still need to beat USC as well)
Go sadism, hail Pinman.

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