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Women’s Basketball vs. Arizona: Thanksgiving Game Thread

2:15pm CT on ESPN+

Syndication: The Daily News Journal HELEN COMER/The Daily News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

You don’t want to watch the end of the Bears v.s Lions cripple fight, anyhow... so let’s watch Queen Ralph and the Girls take on the Arizona Wildcats in our first game of the Paradise Jam Tournament in the US Virgin Islands.

Yes, we are all jealous of them both for where they are and for not having to talk to that one uncle who’s really into crypto this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

The Queen Ralph era has begun as a struggle (the Lady Dores are currently 3-2 in the “haven’t played anyone yet” portion of the schedule, with wins over Gardner-Webb, Tennessee Tech, and Jacksonville State, and losses to Little Rock and Empty S U), as much like Clark Lea, her predecessor left the roster stripped down to the studs. Further, like Clark Lea, Queen Ralph has given us reason to believe we will eventually rise from the depths, as both new coaches seem intelligent, driven, and neither blows smoke up our asses.

Though the Derek Mason and Stephanie White eras were a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing, both are thankfully over. On this day of thanks, that is enough.

Of course, today is unlikely to go our way, as the Lady Wildcats are 4-0 with a win over #6 Louisville. That one was 61-59; the other three have been blowouts of biblical proportions.

Still, watch the Lady Dores this Thanksgiving with Anchor of Gold, eat some pie, and be thankful pie exists.