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Vanderbilt football loses two commits in two days

Something’s going on, and I don’t like it.

After we saw Vanderbilt play East Tennessee State, we knew that the arc of the Clark Lea era would depend on, well, getting better players.

On that front, this doesn’t help:

One player decommitting could mean a lot of things. Individual players have their own reasons. Two players decommitting, on back-to-back days? When those also happened to be the two highest-rated players in the class in the 247 Sports composite? That could be a coincidence, but it’s probably not.

Look, I’ve been patient with Clark Lea because (a) it’s his first year and (b) the team as presently constituted does not have the talent to compete in the SEC (if that wasn’t obvious after it went 0-9 last season.) But (b) has to get fixed for this to work. And if the best players in the recruiting class are bailing on the program, well, basketball season starts next Wednesday.

As we always say, never say that things can’t get any worse. Things can always get worse.