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Vanderbilt Basketball Mail Bag #2: Call For Submissions

Post VANDERBILT Basketball and/or SEC Basketball questions in the comments here.

Take a wild guess which of our first three games inspired this angry pearl-clutching face?
Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We opened the season with stomp-jobs over Alabama and Texas States (respectively). We had both an offensive and defensive identity in those games, played like a team, and didn’t just try to do Scotty versus the world Allen Iverson ball. Then last night happened and we broke former Diamond Dore pitcher Will Clinard.

Anyway, I’m sure you have questions.

Here are the rules of the mail bag:

This is a basketball mail bag, so limit your questions to Vanderbilt basketball, SEC basketball, college basketball, and possibly the occasional NBA or general basketball question will be answered.

  1. Post your questions here in the comments.
  2. I will take the best questions, and possibly narrow down those that deal with the same topic. Then, all Anchor of Gold community writers will get the opportunity to chime in. The answers will be published on Saturday. *Note: This time we’re going to try to get our answers in before tip off against Winthrop, so let’s get these questions in today.
  3. All Anchor of Gold community guidelines apply to the questions.
  4. Ted Skuchas is a living legend.
  5. Josh Henderson has a year of eligibility left.
  6. Jeff Green traveled.