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Game 10: Kentucky Wildcats at Vanderbilt Commodores — Open Game Thread

The weekly matchup between comments and offensive yards will be a doozy.

Mississippi v Vanderbilt

2-7 (0-5)
NR (Coaches)
118 (SP+)

November 13, 2021
6:00 PM CT
Radio: WLAC 1510 AM / WNRQ 98.3 FM(Affiliates)

6-3 (4-3)
31 (AP)
29 (Coaches)
51 (SP+)

The geniuses at ESPN decided that a November game between Vanderbilt and Kentucky needed to be a night game, and the result is a game that will have a temperature of approximately 43 degrees at kickoff, falling into the 30s later in the game. I am sure that will be fun for the fans in attendance.

The last time Kentucky visited Vanderbilt Stadium, the final score was 38-14 and the second half was interesting mostly to see how many empty Solo cups the Kentucky fans in attendance could stack into a cup snake. After said game, Derek Mason, with a 2-8 record and having just been murdered by the team that Vanderbilt has traditionally battled for sixth place in the SEC East, decided that was the time to mansplain to the fans that they shouldn’t expect consistent success, a comment after which he was for some reason allowed to keep his job for another year.

Anyway, if this game isn’t that, we should all be okay. Kentucky started the season 6-0 with wins over Florida and LSU, but has lost three in a row since. This is also somehow their final SEC game of the season, with games against New Mexico State and Louisville to close the season. Vanderbilt hasn’t won an SEC game this season and, well, there aren’t too many chances left.

Have fun, expect to win. game this season