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Friday Open Thread

Again, October is the best sports month on the calendar.

MLB: NLDS-Workouts Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, October is the best month on the sports calendar and I don’t think there’s much of an argument to the contrary. The only other case you can maybe make is March, and that’s mostly because of the NCAA Tournament, because baseball is in spring training and football isn’t even happening at that point.

But the thing that you really have to have for a great sports month is live sports on a weekday and... well, that’s what we have today. Hooray, baseball playoffs!

1:07 PM: White Sox at Astros (MLB Network)

Then again, I have no idea why this game is on the MLB Network. This is the stupidest idea. The Astros won Game 1 6-1 and look to go to Chicago needing just one win to advance.

3:37 PM: Braves at Brewers (TBS)

The Braves on TBS is the kind of thing that reminds everyone of the days when Ted Turner owned the Braves and instead of putting their games on some stupid regional network, he just said “fuck it, put all their games on my cable channel that’s available nationally.” Taking the Braves off TBS was one of the worst ideas they’ve ever had, is what I’m really saying here.

6:00 PM: Temple at Cincinnati (ESPN), Charlotte at Florida International (CBS Sports)

Okay, look, I get that we like to have college football as many nights a week as possible but if these are the Friday night games we’re gonna get, I’m just going to recommend that you watch baseball. Because Cincinnati at home against a pretty bad Temple team doesn’t move the needle much for me. Neither does Charlotte at Florida International. No, I don’t care whether you think we should have hired Will Healy. (We shouldn’t have, because we should have hired Jamey Chadwell, and I’m not sure why you would turn down Jamey Chadwell to hire Jamey Chadwell, But Without The Track Record Of Success.)

6:02 PM: Red Sox at Rays (FS1)

The Rays took Game 1 last night by a 5-0 score, and I don’t know why I really am enjoying the Rays’ recent run in the AL East. Probably because they’re not the Yankees or Red Sox.

8:37 PM: Dodgers at Giants (TBS)

Walker Buehler alert! There are a lot of people complaining about the fact that the 106-win Dodgers have to face the 107-win Giants in this round. I am not one of them.

9:30 PM: Stanford at Arizona State (ESPN)

Oh, actually, this will do for a Friday night game, college football, and thank you for putting it at 9:30 Central time.