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Thursday Open Thread

Baseball playoffs! College football! And, hey, a random NFL game, I guess.

UCF v Tulane Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Patrick will have your soccer game thread coming later. For now, Anchor of Gold comments section and hijinks on a Thursday afternoon and into the evening! It’s October, which frankly is probably the best sports month on the calendar with the MLB playoffs along with the prime of football season and the opening to NBA and NHL season later this month. Have fun, everyone. Here’s your schedule.

3:07 PM: ALDS Game 1: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros (FS1)

Screw y’all, we’re winning without the trash cans.

6:30 PM: College Football: Houston at Tulane (ESPN)

Hey, look, an SEC team hosting an SWC team that ESPN for some reason refers to as an American Athletic Conference game.

6:30 PM: College Football: Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State (ESPNU)

Squee! For extra fun, you might recognize Arkansas State’s first-year head coach, one Lyle Allen “Butch” Jones. Arkansas State is 1-4 under Butch Jones, with the one win coming over Central Arkansas and four consecutive losses since, including most recently giving up 59 points to a Georgia Southern team that just fired its coach.

6;30 PM: World Cup Qualifier: United States v. Jamaica (ESPN2)

Ah, there’s even something for the soccer fans.

7:07 PM: ALDS Game 1: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays (FS1)


7:20 PM: NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (FOX/NFL Network)

I guess if this is your thing, go ahead. I will say that this is at least better than the NFL’s usual Thursday night offerings.