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MLB Announces Inaugural Draft Combine (That Hopefully No Commodores Will Participate in)

Rob “Right Said” Manfred continues with yet another unforced error...

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In what feels like a Friday afternoon news dump (side note: do days matter anymore?), Major League Baseball announced that they will finally have a Draft Combine (like other sports do), and will launch it this year:

The inaugural MLB Draft Combine (June 20-28) will feature top high school and college baseball prospects, as identified by MLB Clubs, who will have the opportunity to participate in a series of medical & performance assessments as well as educational programming designed to prepare them for a career in professional baseball. As part of the Combine experience, the top 88 high school players eligible for the 2021 MLB Draft will be selected to participate in a unique showcase tournament from June 20 through 26. The tournament will feature eight games, including “bronze medal” and “gold medal” games, as well as PDP Performance Assessments and a pro-style showcase workout. Medical and performance assessments for all athletes will be conducted June 24-28. Additionally, all participants of the newly formed MLB Draft League will have the opportunity to participate in Combine assessments and evaluations through special events in Draft League communities during the month of June. The MLB Draft Combine will be an integral part of the identification and development process for future USA Baseball national teams. MLB and USA Baseball are in communication with the NCAA to ensure athlete eligibility requirements are met overall.

Why Should We Hope No Commodores Attend?

Well, let’s just remind you what’s going on during those days in Omaha...

Opening Celebration Day: Friday, June 18

College World Series: Saturday, June 19 through Tuesday/Wednesday, June 29/30

After many years of having the MLB Draft occur during the College World Series—and disrupting the ever-loving hell out of the most important part of the season—it seemed as ol’ Right Said Manfred did college baseball coaches, players, and fans a solid by moving this year’s draft to July 11-13. Well, that sigh of relief sure was short-lived.

No other sports disrupt the college version of their sport quite like the MLB, and Manfred Mann wants you to know when Quinn the Draft Combine Eskimo gets here, everybody’s going to be really pissed off that they cannot attend as they are in the College freaking World Series.

Never look a Gift-Manfred in the mouth, I suppose.