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Jerry Stackhouse launches postgame rant about team doing the “same dumb shit”

I mean, we get it. We watched that game too.

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Frankly, those of us who watched Vanderbilt’s 92-71 loss to Arkansas on Saturday were frustrated and angry with what we saw from the team, and “us” here includes Vanderbilt head coach Jerry Stackhouse.

Note that Vanderbilt (thus far) hasn’t uploaded a video of this and I’m guessing they won’t, though there is at least a short clip of it.

Of course this was edited to remove the word “shit.”

“Same dumb shit” seems like an apt description of Vanderbilt basketball since about 2017.

I would think it’s a bad thing if guys on the team don’t want to play basketball.

Interestingly, both Kentucky and Vanderbilt are playing a bunch of freshmen this season.

This was a stereotypical postgame rant by the coach of a bad team, who is essentially telling the players on his team to get better or he’ll go out and get better players.

Anyway, once again, baseball starts in about a month.

UPDATE: well, we have video, though not from Vanderbilt — an Arkansas site uploaded it.