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Dan Patrick shares information on Tennessee’s recruiting scandal

This is too funny not to share.

Who created the McDonalds Happy Meal? 40 years later, the answer is complicated. Hank DeGeorge/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Good morning, and this is too funny not to share.

“They put money into McDonald’s bags and gave them to the recruits when they came on campus,” Patrick said. “Some of the campus visits were not organized, or they were not above board. But they were handing out cash, I don’t know if it was drive through. So you literally had bag men and they put the cash in McDonald’s bags and handed it to the recruits. My source said they were so in your face with this. They weren’t even trying to hide it, and that’s when my source said, ‘Tennessee got sloppy, Georgia has gotten sloppy’ but there’s been no word on the NCAA looking at Georgia.”

So there you have it. Tennessee was, allegedly, handing cash to recruits in McDonald’s bags, giving new meaning to the term “bagman.”

We all read Steven Godfrey’s article and did not realize that it was so literal.