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Anchor Drop, January 19, 2021: God Ssee Coaching Search. OO.

2021 is already better than 2020.

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

God saw we needed a Tennessee coaching search.


Anyway, we’re off to a flying start here, what with Phil Fulmer praising the recruiting of a coach who was just fired for recruiting violations. That, I am certain, will not become an issue in the upcoming lawsuit,

There is only one way this ends, and that is with Tennessee hiring a coach who Vanderbilt said no thanks to last month.

In Vanderbilt news, women’s basketball quit the season. Soccer defender Myra Konte is returning in the fall even after being drafted by the NWSL last week. Sarah Fuller scored an invite to tomorrow’s Presidential inauguration.

Oh yeah, and ranked Vanderbilt fourth in the country. Sure, guys, there are gonna be three teams better than us. Speaking of which, Chris Lee podcasted with Tim Corbin yesterday.

SEC Basketball Schedule

Bad Gambling Advice, season to date: 39-44-1 ATS, 35-49 totals

South Carolina at Missouri (6:00 PM CT, SEC Network): Missouri -5.5, Over 142.5

Tennessee at Florida (6:00 PM CT, ESPN): Florida +6.5, Under 138

Ole Miss at Mississippi State (8:00 PM CT, SEC Network): Mississippi State -2.5, Over 132

Alabama at LSU (8:00 PM CT, ESPN2): Alabama +1, Over 163