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Let’s All Laugh at The Chuggers

They just managed to fire Jeremy “E.T. wrapped in a blanket” Pruitt WITH CAUSE so as to avoid a buyout... but is this good news for the Franzia-Funnelers to the East?

Tennessee v Georgia
That’s, uhh... not how you wear that.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Same here, Auric. Same here.

For those who managed to spend the full day off the Twatters, let me recap (or, if you want more information, but less schadenfreude, feel free to read what ESPN has to say):

1. The school to the East finally managed to fire Jeremy Pruitt and his collection of Azerbaijani women’s head scarves that I’m being told were supposed to be facial coverings in compliance with pandemic regulations.

2. It fired him WITH CAUSE, thereby opening a pretty hilarious Pandora’s box of NCAA investigations to come, so as to avoid paying an exorbitant contract buyout to yet another coach.

3. Fat Phil retired. The Tennesseean claimed said retirement has nothing to do with the current investigation which led to E.T. in the bike basket being fired with cause, and quite literally none of us bought that sack of garbage.

4. The school to the East seems to think this is all fine, above water, and will have no impact on the caliber of coach they can now attract, as it is the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred ninety eight.

5. The winner in all of this (besides us Robber Barons over myah)?