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Danny Clark enters transfer portal

The football team loses another player to transfer, though this one probably doesn’t hurt much.

Missouri v Vanderbilt
If I told you this was Danny Clark would you even know the difference?
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Vanderbilt has lost a bunch of players to the transfer portal, but somehow this doesn’t feel like it will hurt much.

“After not seeing the field this season,” for an 0-9 Vanderbilt team, is kind of an important qualifier.

Frankly, we expected to see some attrition at the quarterback position this offseason. That happens when you have a true freshman take the starting job and, by all appearances, have a lock on the job for the foreseeable future. Danny Clark was one of four quarterbacks brought into the program after the 2019 season, when Vanderbilt lost literally its entire quarterback room, and was the afterthought of the group, a JUCO player who’d spent two years at Kentucky and left that program without making much of an impact. He was fine at Copiah-Lincoln, but after the 2020 season, it was rather obvious that he wasn’t going to unseat Ken Seals as the team’s starter and also would run out of eligibility long before Seals does.

That means that Vanderbilt is down to three quarterbacks: Seals, Mike Wright (who saw some playing time as a short-yardage quarterback in 2020), and Jeremy Moussa, another JUCO transfer who didn’t play in 2020. So far, Vanderbilt hasn’t signed a quarterback in the 2021 class and honestly it’s hard to see how they sell anyone on being an emergency option in case Seals gets hurt — which, really, is about the only way anyone else will see significant playing time at the position.