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Saturday Open Thread: College Football, Sort Of

Three FBS-on-FBS matchups!

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

All right, so, what should be the first Saturday of college football season is instead a shell of its normal self. Gone are the marquee matchups; in fact, there’s nothing involving a Power 5 team this weekend.

In their place, three FBS-on-FBS matchups, which after South Alabama-Southern Miss on Thursday are three of the first four such games of the season. There are also three FBS-on-FCS matchups, one of which is being televised on ESPN. Yep, they needed content.

Anyway, here’s your schedule for the day:

Eastern Kentucky at Marshall (12:00 PM, ESPN)

What the hell, this game is on ESPN.

Middle Tennessee at Army (12:30 PM, CBS Sports)

A team in black and gold playing Little Middle? Where do I sign up?

SMU at Texas State (3:30 PM, ESPN)

Every now and then, I have to remind myself that SMU went 10-3 last year and was ranked as high as 15 in the AP poll, because this feels like it was a decade ago. It was actually last year. Also, I am sure Import’s wife is thrilled that Sonny Dykes is winning ten games a season at... SMU.

Houston Baptist at North Texas (6:30 PM, ESPN3)

I used to live a few miles from Houston Baptist’s campus, and drive by it on the freeway. However, I do not think I have ever actually met anyone who attended Houston Baptist. I am not convinced that it actually exists, but they are playing North Texas.

Arkansas State at Memphis (7:00 PM, ESPN)

The closest thing we have to a marquee matchup today. Memphis is, of course, coming off a 12-2 season, a #17 finish in the AP poll, and a Cotton Bowl loss, in which they could not do the world a favor and beat James Franklin’s Penn State squad. Blake Anderson has turned Arkansas State into a very consistent 8-5 squad.

Stephen F. Austin at UTEP (8:00 PM, ESPN3)

Do not be surprised if Stephen F. Austin wins this.

Other stuff

Andrew, I assume, will have your MLB open thread up later. There is the PGA TOUR Championship on TV this afternoon, as well as the UEFA Nations League, most of which is on ESPN+ but two of which are on ABC! Also, NBA and NHL playoffs — the NHL has a Game 7 between the Islanders and Flyers on NBC at 6:30 PM. The NBA has two playoff games starting at 5:30 PM on TNT. There’s also some soccer on this Saturday. Hell, talk about whatever you want.