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9/4 Dores in the Pros MLB Game Thread

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The Stache got that new dad swagger. It’s a double header bonanza on the Game Thread.

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Today’s Featured Games

Cin City Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates—3:05pm MLB.TV

Cin City Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates—6:05pm MLB.TV

Reynolds had a baby... and then came back and did this:

Washington Gnats vs. Atlanta Braves—3:10pm CT MLB.TV

Washington Gnats vs. Atlanta Braves—6:10pm CT MLB.TV

The Gnats poked the bear...

...and were subsequently swept. Let’s see if they try any such hubris on the Fightin’ Dansbys.

Other Games Featuring Former Dores

San Diego Padres vs. Oakland Athletics—8:40pm CT MLB.TV

The A’s are out of quarantine... just in time to run into Preller’s All-Traded-For Superteam of Friars from the place that’s German for a whale’s vagina. Good luck.

Arizona D-Bags vs. San Fransisky Garlic Fries—8:45pm CT MLB.TV

Not much to talk about here. I just like typing Arizona D-Bags.