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Anchor Drop, September 30, 2020: Another DB Commits

Vanderbilt lands a defensive back from Brentwood.

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NCAA Football: East Tennessee State at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Vanderbilt football landed another commitment on Tuesday, this one from just down the road in Brentwood:

Okay, cool.

ICYMI: Derek Mason had a press conference yesterday. (So did Ed Orgeron.)

Also: Rob Manfred sucks.

Ya know, since we had this discussion in the comments yesterday I am going to continue it. Rob Manfred has no idea what the problem with Major League Baseball is right now — it’s that, basically, the game has devolved into a Neanderthal struggle between the guys who throw the hardest and the guys who hit the ball the farthest, and all the strikeouts mean that there’s not a ton of action between the sprinkling of homers to make the game interesting. It used to be really something when Randy Johnson would blow away opposing hitters to the tune of 15 strikeouts and now that happens roughly once a week, only it doesn’t because they get pulled after six innings. Instead, Rob Manfred thinks the problem is that the game is too long and misses the basic reality that included in that three and a half hours is not much in the way of real action. But, sure, letting pitchers say “I intentionally walk you” instead of throwing four pitches out of the strike zone shaved a few seconds off the game, so it’s worth pissing off the diehards for that. And yes, adopting a goofy beer-league softball rule of putting a runner on second in extra innings will put a stop to the weird baseball that occurs in 14-inning games.

Okay, rant over. Thank you for stopping by.

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