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Open Thread: Thursday Night College Football

Wherein we all pretend that Everything Is Fine.

NCAA Football: Armed Forces Bowl-Southern Mississippi vs Tulane Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Under normal circumstances, we would be looking forward to an entire weekend of college football, Vanderbilt included, as the 2020 season kicks off.

As it stands, with four of the ten FBS conferences not playing football at all this fall, and with others (the SEC included) delaying the start of the season, we are looking at the kind of college football weekend that is only of interest to regular readers of Anchor of Gold. But actually, that’s not true, since Division II and Division III and a lot of FCS basically aren’t playing this year. Parlagi remains disappointed that he will not get to see Berry College vs. Sewanee this year.

HOWEVER, in our efforts as a society to convince everybody that Everything Is Fine, there is college football on the TV on this Thursday night, or possibly just on the internet in one case. But never mind that. Tonight brings the first football game of the season between two FBS teams.

Again, as a reminder, Everything Is Fine with this picture and we are playing college football tonight.

Game 1: Central Arkansas at UAB (7:00 PM CT, ESPN3)

Yes, yes, Central Arkansas is 1-0 on the season after conquering the Austin Peay Governors on Saturday. Now, they have a short turnaround before heading to Legion Field in Birmingham to face the UAB Blazers, the team that came back from the dead after being shut down by the Alabama Board of Regents because reasons.

Anyway, this is a football game.

Game 2: South Alabama at Southern Miss (8:00 PM CT, CBS Sports)

And now for the main event, the first game this season between two FBS teams. What, you didn’t realize that South Alabama is an FBS team? Anyway, this one’s coming to you live from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. You are going to watch this game because you read Anchor of Gold, so of course you will.