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Vanderbilt releases depth chart for LSU game

Still a lot of “or” designations this week, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt has released its depth chart ahead of Saturday’s game against LSU, located on page 7 of this week’s Game Notes. Last week’s depth chart can be found here. We’ll go through the depth chart and highlight the changes.

QB: Ken Seals, followed by Danny Clark or Mike Wright or Jeremy Moussa

-Mason still won’t commit to a backup QB, I guess, but Ken Seals is now listed as the starter — and after Saturday, we can say he pretty clearly has the job for the foreseeable future.

RB: Jamauri Wakefield, followed by Keyon Henry-Brooks or Ja’Veon Marlow

-Henry-Brooks was out on Saturday, due to what Joe Fisher termed an “illness” on the Commodore Hour yesterday (I think we all know what that means.) It’s still interesting to see Wakefield listed as the first-stringer considering that he got fewer carries and looked less impressive than Marlow on Saturday.

WR1: Tyrell Alexander or Chris Pierce Jr.

WR2: Cam Johnson or Devin Boddie Jr.

WR3: Amir Abdur-Rahman or James Bostic III

-This is still silly. I would be very surprised if Amir Abdur-Rahman is splitting time with Bostic; the same can be said for Johnson and Boddie. Abdur-Rahman and Johnson are clearly the team’s two best receivers and should be on the field as much as possible.

TE: Ben Bresnahan, followed by Gavin Schoenwald or Justin Ball or Joel DeCoursey

-The only change from last week is that Schoenwald is now listed as a co-second stringer with Ball and DeCoursey. Bresnahan is clearly well ahead of the other three, though.

LT: Tyler Steen, followed by Bradley Ashmore

LG: Dan Dawkins, followed by Jason Brooks Jr.

C: Grant Miller, followed by Michael Warden or Julian Hernandez

RG: Drew Birchmeier or Connor Mignone

RT: Connor Mignone or Brayden Bapst or Ben Cox

-This is the starting offensive line from Saturday, though I guess Derek Mason is still having thoughts about shifting things around on the right side of the line. Bapst Blue Ribbon is more ideally-sized for tackle, at 6’6”/300, than Mignone, so maybe there are plans to move him into a starting spot down the line.

DE: Dayo Odeyingbo, Rutger Reitmaier, Nate Clifton

DT: Cameron Tidd, Daevion Davis, Malik Langham

DT: Raashan Wilkins Jr., Derek Green

-The only change here is that Nate Clifton is now listed at defensive end instead of outside linebacker... which, well, makes sense.

OLB: Andre Mintze, Lorenza Surgers

ILB: Anfernee Orji, Brayden DeVault-Smith

ILB: Dimitri Moore, followed by Alston Orji or Ethan Barr

OLB: Kenny Hebert, Michael Owusu

-Only change here is the reappearance of Michael Owusu, who was in quarantine last week and I guess we can assume he’s back. Dimitri Moore missed Saturday’s game but is once again listed as a starter at inside linebacker, suggesting that he may be available this week.

CB: Allan George, DC Williams

S: Dashaun Jerkins, Frank Coppet, Justin Harris

S: Max Worship, followed by Donovan Kaufman or De’Rickey Wright

CB: Randall Haynie, followed by Gabe Jeudy-Lally or Jaylen Mahoney

-No changes here.

K: Pierson Cooke, Javan Rice

P: Harrison Smith, Jared Wheatley

Holder: Harrison Smith

Long snapper: Scott Meyer, Zach Drevno

KR: Donovan Kaufman, Devin Boddie Jr., Cam Johnson

PR: Cam Johnson, Devin Boddie Jr.

-In the first week, Donovan Kaufman settled in as the kickoff returner and that’s reflected here. I didn’t notice who was returning punts last week.