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LSU Offensive Preview: No Joe Burrow, but Still Pretty Lethal

I would never accuse a Mike Leach team of playing defense, but LSU can still put up some points

Mississippi State v LSU
Don’t mattah, next man up. Go Tigahs!
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

LSU got a serious taste of the Air Raid this past weekend, but despite giving up 623 yard and 5 touchdowns the Tigers still only lost by 10.

That’s because LSU’s junior QB Myles Brennan put up 345 yards and 3 touchdowns in his own right. It was much publicized how Brennan sat and waited for his turn to run the Tigers offense on Gameday, and all things considered, he played well, even if he started slowly. The Tigers didn’t really get their offense going until midway through the second quarter against Mississippi State, but their second half effort to stay in the shoot out was admirable enough. Brennan completed passes to nine different receivers, threw one bad interception, and then another in garbage time.

The pass-focused offense is likely an anomaly overall, as LSU also features a stable of running backs that they employ in their own situations. Chris Curry, Tyrion Davis-Price, and John Emery, Jr. all featured in the first game, just as Coach Orgeron promised in the preseason. Because LSU played from behind most of the game, LSU had to rely on going through the air. Make no mistake though, these running backs are very capable, and given Vanderbilt’s difficulty containing A&Ms two-headed attack I would expect LSU will try to get the offense more involved.

Perhaps the toughest loss for LSU was All-American Receiver Ja’Marr Chase’s decision to opt out of the season in August. Terrace Marshall, Jr. played admirably in his stead, just as he did last year, on the way to an 8 catch, 122 yard performance with two touchdowns. Expect Marshall to be Brennan’s primary target for the rest of the year.

LSU’s offensive line is a rebuilding project after losing several juniors and seniors to the draft, and that showed. Mississippi State managed to sack Brennan seven times last weekend. There was plenty to like about the way Vanderbilt got after the QB against Texas A&M, and this may be a nice chance for our DL to build off a good start.

This is not the record setting offense from last year, but it’s still a pretty good one. Putting pressure on Brennan will be key, as well as keeping the LSU running game bottled up. We’ve seen some flashes from our defense of their ability to do the former. Let’s hope we fare a little better in the latter this time around.