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Media picks Vanderbilt to finish last in the SEC East, and this time we can’t argue with them

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I mean, didn’t we all assume this?


Vanderbilt being picked to finish last in the SEC East by the media is something that they reflexively do every single year, and most of the time, the media members making that selection probably couldn’t name five players on Vanderbilt’s roster. But it happens every year, because Vanderbilt.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the media has once again picked Vanderbilt seventh in the SEC East, because it does that basically every year. Only this time, we can’t really argue with them.

We probably would pick Vanderbilt last as well. In fact, many of our fans and commenters think an 0-10 record is the most likely outcome. The surprise this year isn’t that Vanderbilt was picked last, but that Vanderbilt got 101 points in a poll in which 96 people voted — suggesting that as many as five people looked at Vanderbilt’s roster and decided that at least one team in the East was actually worse than the Commodores.

The other news in this is that just one Vanderbilt player, senior defensive lineman Dayo Odeyingbo, was selected to one of the three preseason All-SEC teams. Odeyingbo is a second-team defense pick.

It’s going to be a long season, everyone.