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Anchor Drop, September 23, 2020: Another transfer!

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Hoo, boy. This one hurts.

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NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

I regret to inform you that the news is bad:

Colin Anderson was one of the most touted recruits in the 2017 class, and played in a total of eight games in the last three years, all in 2018. He missed 2019 due to injury and wasn’t listed on Vanderbilt’s season-opening depth chart, released yesterday. While technically that was released before he announced his transfer, it seems either he wasn’t going to play this season or the coaching staff already knew of his plans.

Anyway, I suspect that one consequence of everybody getting a free year of eligibility for the 2020-21 academic year is that some players who otherwise would have been on the fence about transferring will instead make a go of it, because the sit-out year won’t count against them. That’s a consideration for players who have already redshirted, who would lose a year under normal transfer rules.

Also yesterday: Stan previewed Texas A&M’s offense. Chad Bishop also previewed the A&M game, and Derek Mason had his first weekly press conference of the season. At said press conference, we found out that five more players will be out for the game, which... of course. (That includes linebacker Feleti Afemui, who’s opted out of the season.) The Hustler interviewed Texas A&M’s student sports editor. Oh, yeah, and Mike Organ and Adam Sparks podcasted on the subject of whether Vanderbilt will go 0-10 this season, which led to this wonderful juxtaposition in the podcast feed:


Anyway, does it feel like football season again with all the football news in the Anchor Drop?

Actual Sports on TV

All times Central.

Here’s your MLB.TV schedule, free game is Rangers-Diamondbacks at 5:10 PM (except for me, thanks to blackout rules!) And I once again invite you to laugh at the sadness of the SEC Network’s schedule.