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Vanderbilt releases season-opening depth chart

Oh look, the starting QB could be one of four players.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

So you thought Vanderbilt would name a starting quarterback in time for Derek Mason’s first press conference of the season? Think again.

Vanderbilt released its season-opening depth chart (on page 5 of the linked Game Notes) on Tuesday morning, and it provides few answers — particularly at the most important position on the field, where the four scholarship quarterbacks are given the “or” designation officially. I still think it’s going to be Ken Seals, but Derek Mason’s gonna play some gamesmanship, I guess.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this.

QB: Mike Wright, 6’3”, 187 Fr. (College Park, GA) or Jeremy Moussa, 6’3”, 219 Jr. (Chino Hills, CA) or Ken Seals, 6’3”, 218 Fr. (Azle, TX) or Danny Clark, 6’4”, 232 Jr. (Akron, OH)

RB: Jamauri Wakefield, 6’1”, 223 Sr. (Jacksonville, FL)

Keyon Henry-Brooks, 6’1”, 200 So. (Powder Springs, GA) or Ja’Veon Marlow, 5’11”, 195 Jr. (Winter Haven, FL)

-For the record, Vanderbilt is no longer listing redshirt designations on the official roster, if you’re wondering why Ja’Veon Marlow is listed as a junior when he’s really a redshirt sophomore. Anyway, Jamauri Wakefield figured to be last year’s backup behind Ke’Shawn Vaughn before getting injured in the season opener, and he gets the starting nod over Henry-Brooks and Marlow.

WR1: Tyrell Alexander, 6’1”, 184 Sr. (Lancaster, TX) or James Bostic III, 6’3”, 217 Sr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

WR2: Cam Johnson, 6’0”, 198 Jr. (Brentwood, TN) or Devin Boddie Jr., 5’11”, 168 So. (Memphis, TN)

WR3: Chris Pierce Jr., 6’4”, 231 Sr. (Smithfield, VA) or Amir Abdur-Rahman, 6’4”, 217 Jr. (Atlanta, GA)

-Okay, this is ridiculous. Is Devin Boddie really even with Cam Johnson?

TE: Ben Bresnahan, 6’4”, 244 Jr. (Cumming, GA)

Gavin Schoenwald, 6’4”, 237 Jr. (Brentwood, TN)

Justin Ball, 6’6”, 232 So. (Washington, DC) or Joel DeCoursey, 6’4”, 245 So. (Zionsville, IN)

LT: Brayden Bapst, 6’6”, 300 So. (Washington, DC) or Ben Cox, 6’5”, 292 Fr. (Radford, VA)

LG: Drew Birchmeier, 6’4”, 300 Sr. (Midlothian, VA) or Connor Mignone, 6’4”, 302 Sr. (Redding, CT)

C: Grant Miller, 6’4”, 297 Sr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Michael Warden, 6’2”, 289 Jr. (Loveland, OH) or Julian Hernandez, 6’4”, 312 So. (Davie, FL)

RG: Dan Dawkins, 6’3”, 308 Jr. (Staten Island, NY)

Jason Brooks Jr., 6’4”, 275 Fr. (Houston, TX)

RT: Tyler Steen, 6’5”, 317 Jr. (Miami, FL)

Bradley Ashmore, 6’6”, 294 Fr. (Neptune Beach, FL)

-This offensive line... yeesh. So, the left side of the line has a true freshman with an “or” designation at left tackle, and Drew Birchmeier, who just switched over from the defensive line, might be the starter at left guard.

For the record, Bruno Reagan predicts that Tyler Steen will start at left tackle, Dan Dawkins at left guard, Grant Miller at center, Drew Birchmeier at right guard, and Connor Mignone at right tackle.

DE: Dayo Odeyingbo, 6’6”, 276 Sr. (Irving, TX)

Rutger Reitmaier, 6’3”, 266 Jr. (Nashville, TN)

DT: Cameron Tidd, 6’3”, 295 Sr. (Greenwood, IN)

Daevion Davis, 6’2”, 285 So. (Madison, AL)

Malik Langham, 6’5”, 290 Jr. (Huntsville, AL)

DT: Raashaan Wilkins Jr., 6’3”, 307 Jr. (Chicago, IL)

Derek Green, 6’5”, 320 So. (Richlands, NC)

-First off, there are only three defensive linemen spots listed, which... I guess, I thought we were switching to a 4-3? But anyway, Malik Langham being listed as a third-stringer should probably tell you a bit about the depth here. This ends up looking like one of the strongest position groups on the team, oddly.

OLB: Andre Mintze, 6’3”, 246 Sr. (Philadelphia, PA)

Lorenza Surgers, 6’5”, 258 Jr. (Cary, NC)

ILB: Anfernee Orji, 6’2”, 224 So. (Rockwall, TX)

Brayden DeVault-Smith, 6’3”, 227 Sr. (Nashville, TN)

ILB: Dimitri Moore, 6’3”, 234 Sr. (Cedar Hill, TX)

Alston Orji, 6’2”, 245 Jr. (Rockwall, TX) or Ethan Barr, 6’3”, 236 Fr. (Flower Mound, TX)

OLB: Kenny Hebert, 6’4”, 232 Sr. (New Orleans, LA)

Nate Clifton, 6’5”, 267 So. (La Vergne, TN)

-Okay, so here’s a little more clarity. The backup outside linebackers (Lorenza Surgers and Nate Clifton) are basically 4-3 defensive ends, so I’d expect some more 4-3 looks when they’re in the game. The only real surprise here is Anfernee Orji, still listed as a defensive back on the roster, projected as a starter at inside linebacker.

CB: Allan George, 6’1”, 187 Sr. (Andalusia, AL)

DC Williams, 5’11”, 193 Sr. (Miami, FL)

S: Dashaun Jerkins, 6’0”, 190 Sr. (Woodbridge, VA)

Frank Coppet, 5’11”, 190 Sr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Justin Harris, 6’1”, 194 So. (Attalla, AL)

S: Max Worship, 6’1”, 206 Jr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Donovan Kaufman, 5’10”, 197 Fr. (New Orleans, LA) or De’Rickey Wright, 6’4”, 207 Fr. (Gadsden, AL)

CB: Randall Haynie, 6’0”, 185 Sr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Gabe Jeudy-Lally, 6’1”, 180 So. (Charlotte, NC) or Jaylen Mahoney, 5’11”, 185 So. (Rock Hill, SC)

-I will not talk myself into this defense I will not talk myself into this defense I will not talk myself into this defense.

That said, much like the defensive line, you can tell something about this group that players the caliber of Frank Coppet, DC Williams, and Jaylen Mahoney are listed as backups and none of these come off as complete nonsense.

K; Pierson Cooke, 6’0”, 194 Jr. (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

Javan Rice, 6’2”, 201 Jr. (Miami, FL)

P: Harrison Smith, 5’10”, 188 Jr. (Franklin, TN)

Jared Wheatley, 6’1”, 190 So. (Indian Trail, NC)

-Rice and Wheatley are the two scholarship kickers Vanderbilt has taken in recent years, and both are behind walk-ons on the depth chart, with Pierson Cooke getting kicking duties while Harrison Smith returns after a good season as Vanderbilt’s punter last year.

Holder: Harrison Smith, 5’10”, 188 Jr. (Franklin, TN)

Long snapper: Scott Meyer, 6’1”, 224 Sr. (Alpharetta, GA)

Zach Drevno, 6’0”, 218 Jr. (Saline, MI)

-If you have thoughts on these positions, let me know in the comments.

KR/PR: Devin Boddie Jr., 5’11”, 168 So. (Memphis, TN)

Cam Johnson, 6’0”, 198 Jr. (Brentwood, TN)