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9/2 Dores in the Pros MLB Game Thread

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The Fries dropped a football score on Colorado last night. Sonny Gray had one dropped on him in the first inning.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
“Do your arms hurt from hitting so much?”
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today’s Featured Games

San Fransisky Garlic Fries vs. Colorado Rockies—2:10pm CT MLB.TV

The Fries beat the Rockies so hard, their mommas felt it. 23-5. Yaz went 2-4 with a R, BB, and RBI... which is impressive, yes, but not 23-5 impressive. Kind of feels like he slacked off last night while Dickerson, Solano, and Crawford accounted for 6 steaks apiece.

Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Stockings—6:30pm CT MLB.TV

Tonight on the mound: Robbie Erlin vs. Mike Kickham. I had to go back to that page approximately 15 times while writing this post to be sure they were real, actual people, and not names randomly generated by Bases Loaded II.

Dansby and the Braves beat the Stockings 10-3 last night. For those not following baseball this year, Boston sucks. That will happen when you trade one of the best players in baseball for peanuts. Swanson went 2-5 with a R and an RBI.

Other Games Featuring Former Dores

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cin City Reds—5:40pm CT MLB.TV

Yesterday, I wrote:

Sonny Gray on the mound today. Bad news for the Cardinals.

While the Reds didn’t quite suffer a beatdown of epic proportions as bad as the Rockies did, it was still 16-2. Worse yet, Gray didn’t make it out of the first inning. His final line was 23 IP 5H 6R 3BB 1K. Brutal.

Casali went 3-4 with a R, so it was not all another bullshit night in suck city.

Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates—6:05pm MLB.TV

Yesterday, I wrote:

Beer makers won 6-5. Reynolds rode bench.

Somehow, I forgot the the Stache had a Baby Stache and is on Stache-ternity leave. Apologies.

Oakland vs. Seattle—POSTPONED

Mike Minor was traded to an extended Covid-based vacation. Not bad work if you can get it.


The rumors are true. Christian Little will be pitching in gangster pajamas this spring.