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Friday Night Open Thread

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Because we’re all watchiing Campbell-Coastal Carolina, right? Right.

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2014, while Vanderbilt was struggling to beat FCS school Charleston Southern (the Commodores ended up winning 21-20, easily a game that we would like to forget about), I am fairly certain at least 90 percent of Anchor of Gold commenters would have hired then-Charleston Southern head coach Jamey Chadwell on the spot.

Fast forward six years later, and Chadwell is now the head coach at Coastal Carolina, which plays Campbell at 6:30 PM tonight on ESPN because in this weird season, a Campbell-Coastal Carolina game is featured on ESPN on a Friday night in September. Meanwhile the segment of the commentariat looking for the next big thing has moved on to Charlotte coach Will Healy, but here at Anchor of Gold, we still stan Chadwell.

(Anyway, there is also an NBA Playoff game on tonight, but as a college sports blog we encourage you to watch this game because why not.)