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This season is going to be weird, and we are here for it

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On the coming hashtag content.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The six-plus months between March 11, when Vanderbilt’s basketball team ended its season with a loss in the first round of the SEC Tournament and the baseball team unexpectedly ending its season with an 11-2 win over Toledo at Hawkins Field, and Sunday, when the Vanderbilt soccer team hosts Kentucky to open its season, has quite likely been the longest offseason in the history of Vanderbilt sports, and we’re even counting the days when baseball was only sort of a thing that Vanderbilt fans cared about in those pre-Corbin days. After all, even if you only consider football and basketball, the gap between the end of basketball season and the start of football season isn’t normally this long.

You have probably noticed, then, that we have gotten bored with the offseason. What’s normally been roughly two and a half months of filler between the end of baseball season and the start of football season, interspersed with sports-adjacent stuff like SEC Media Days, became that six-month slog of me getting frustrated with talk that the slog might be even longer than that and Andrew getting frustrated that the SEC isn’t taking the virus seriously enough. As such, we have posted open threads that have not too infrequently devolved into food fights, because we are all bored and frustrated and angry.

Anyway, that all is ending, and next week begins the season.

So here is what will happen. Texas A&M is next week, and while we’re mostly just rehashing the same schedule from last season, there are some changes. Shawn is gone and so is, unfortunately, his popular Beer Goggles preview series, though we may have a replacement for it. But Stan is in and he’ll be taking on some of the weekly content. I, once again, will be using my lunch breaks on Tuesday to watch Derek Mason’s press conferences and reflect on whatever nonsense is said in them. And I realize that I always say this, but the Anchor Drop is going to be an every-weekday feature, replaced on Saturday mornings with an open thread for Gameday/SEC Nation and all the non-Vanderbilt games of the day, and on Sunday mornings (postgame) by the usual Statistical/Tom sleeping in.

And in our continuing effort to expand coverage of Vanderbilt sports, DotP will make regular game threads for soccer games (all eight of them, with that team’s abbreviated schedule) a thing. Because, you know, they’re all on the SEC Network (or SEC Network+) anyway and the team is good, something that probably cannot be said for the football team.

Anyway, we’re here for Vanderbilt sports in this bizarre time and we hope you are all here with us.