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9/1 Dores in the Pros MLB Game Thread

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It... doesn’t feel like it’s September. Anyway, I woke up to find we had all been traded by A.J. Preller.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Today’s Featured Games

St. Louis Cardinals s vs. Cin City Reds—5:40pm CT MLB.TV

Cards won 7-5 last night. Sonny Gray on the mound today. Bad news for the Cardinals.

Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Stockings—6:30pm CT MLB.TV

In former Vanderbilt commit that never was Ian Anderson’s first start, he dominated the Yankees lineup and won a head-to-head against Gerrit Cole. Umm... top that?

Dansby and the Braves beat the Stockings 6-3 last night (of course they won... it was Max Fried day). Swanson went 1-4 with 2 R.

Other Games Featuring Former Dores

Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates—6:05pm MLB.TV

Beer makers won 6-5. Reynolds rode bench.

San Fransisky Garlic Fries vs. Colorado Rockies—7:40pm CT MLB.TV

Fries didn’t play yesterday.