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LSU, Mississippi State added to Vanderbilt’s schedule

Oh, okay.

Oh, okay.

Vanderbilt’s two additional non-divisional SEC opponents for the upcoming season will be LSU and Mississippi State, as announced Friday on the SEC Network.

With the SEC moving to a conference-only schedule, we were waiting to find out which two additional teams from the SEC West Vanderbilt would play this season. There had been rumors that the two additional opponents would be Mississippi State and Alabama, and instead, it’s Mississippi State and the defending national champs from LSU. LSU beat Vanderbilt last year in Nashville by a score of 66-38, and this was actually better than the Commodores did the last time they played Mississippi State, a 51-0 loss in 2014.

Anyway, with the knowledge that Vanderbilt’s four opponents from the West this season consist of Not Arkansas, 0-10 is very much on the table this season. Thus, the Het-O-Meter will start the season on Wet with the possibility of moving to Soaked at a later date.