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College football season starts today and nobody bothered to tell you about it

What, you mean you DON’T care about Austin Peay playing Central Arkansas in beautiful Montgomery, Alabama?

NCAA Football: Central Arkansas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the cancellations, delays, and conference-only schedules, you might not have realized that the 2020 college football season actually starts tonight, in the Cramton Bowl in beautiful Montgomery, Alabama, in a game that will be televised on ESPN.

For some reason, it seems, America is not as fired up about the Austin Peay Governors playing the Central Arkansas Bears on national television as parlagi, I can only assume, is. Originally, opening night was supposed to bring us... Marshall at East Carolina, which you probably would have watched. But instead, you are here, stuck with Austin Peay-Central Arkansas as your college football season opener, and until Vanderbilt actually starts its football season (tentatively set for September 26, and damnit the SEC is gonna have a football season) you are stuck with the quietly tolerable patchwork of college football games that have been cobbled together among Conference USA, the American, the Sun Belt, and whatever willing FCS teams they’ve found to go along with them, after the Big Ten and Pac-12 decided to not play football this season.

So, to recap, you will watch Austin Peay vs. Central Arkansas tonight, and you will enjoy it, because it is something resembling the reason you are even reading a post on a mediocre Vanderbilt sports blog, and you will probably turn it into your de facto game thread because that’s what we do around here. And there are even going to be a few of you weirdos who will turn this into a game thread for a football game contested between a couple of random high schools in North Dakota that will, I shit you not, be televised on ESPN2 because that is the state of live sports on television in 2020.

In other words: I love all of you weirdos, and we will have an Anchor of Gold community for the rest of 2020 whether Vanderbilt plays football (or any other sport) or not.