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8/22 Dores in the Pros MLB Game Thread

Walker gets his first win; Reynolds brings his average over the Mendoza line with a huge game.

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Walker Buehler finally got his first win of the 2020 season, as the Dodgers beat the Rockies 5-1. He did so in dominant fashion, as well: 6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, and 11 K.

Today’s Featured Games

Pittsburgh vs. “Algonquin for The Good Land”—3:05pm FS1

Reynolds went 3-4 with a 3B, HR, 3 R, and 4 RBI, as the Buccos beat the Beermakers 7-2. With that big night, The Stache is finally ahead of Mendoza in batting average.

Phillies vs. Braves—6:10pm MLB.TV

The Braves met the Phillies league’s worst bullpen yesterday... and they pitched league’s worst-ingly. In fact, the bullpen’s so bad, they traded for two Red Sox relievers during the game. Braves won 11-2. Dansby led off and went 1-4 with a R.

Other Games Featuring Former Dores

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Indiana University of Pennsylvania vs. Oakland A’s—3:10pm CT MLB.TV

Oakland won 5-3. Kemp largely rode bench, but entered as a defensive replacement late in the game.

Cin City Reds vs. St. Louis Cardinals—7:15pm MLB.TV

Reds won 4-2. No Dores saw action.

Arizona D-Bags vs. San Fransisky Garlic Fries—8:15pm CT MLB.TV

The Fries won 6-2, as Yaz went 2-4 with 2 R.

In Closing...