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Anchor Drop, August 19, 2020: Will there be fans?


NCAA Football: UNLV at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Okay, so I guess they’re going to make us discuss this.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper and his team said they’ll also begin having discussions with Vanderbilt University about fans at their football games.

It is safe to say, at this point, that we will all be surprised if they are able to get the 2020 football season in without any interruptions.

Fans in attendance? LOL. Why are we even pretending that there will be fans?

At SI, Greg Arias updates the quarterback competition, with quotes from Derek Mason:

“You know what, right now we’ve got plenty of opportunities to get full reps or four quarterbacks. We’re cycling through,” said Mason. “We’ve got some split periods, you know, which is great. Again, having a lot of time to ramp up and actually go through walk-throughs allows us to be a little more efficient on the grass.”

...okay, that really didn’t tell me anything. I get it, Mason is playing things close to the vest.

At the main site, a spotlight on senior Andre Mintze, and soccer player Kimya Rajetparvar is helping her teammates vote.

And in the “this probably isn’t happening” files, Notre Dame is going to virtual classes after being on campus for a week.

Actual Sports on TV

All times Central.

And here’s your schedule. Free game of the day is Astros-Rockies at 7:40 PM.