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Anchor Drop, August 11, 2020: What is the SEC doing?

With the Big Ten and Pac-12 expected to cancel the season, well, we have to ask...

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Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

So: on Monday, word started getting out that the Big Ten and the Pac-12 plan to cancel the 2020 football season, with the announcement coming today. (Unsurprisingly, the Big Ten’s move brought some pushback from the league’s coaches.) Also Monday, the Mountain West announced the postponement of all fall sports on the heels of the MAC’s announcement on Friday.

That now leads us to the question: what is the SEC doing here? Well, apparently, the rumor going around is that the SEC is now looking around for other schools to join the league for the 2020 season. Where other leagues are seeing the threat of the Coronavirus and closing shop, the SEC is prepared to take the opportunity to, I guess, build its brand.

Seriously though, what are we doing here? While virus transmission is slowing down, well, school is starting back soon, and it’s already started in Georgia, and... well, let’s see how that’s going.

Oh, right, that was predicted by no one, and by no one I mean “everyone.”

But, seriously: what are we doing here? Honestly the most annoying thing about this entire process hasn’t even been the possibility that the season might be cancelled, but rather that we’ve spent the last month or so with conference commissioners and school presidents dropping vague hints that the season might not happen, but being very careful not to say anything. Because, I guess, we have to keep up the facade.

Anyway, Andrew will be back later today with your baseball live thread. Stay safe, everyone.