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Austin Martin Signs for 2nd Highest Bonus in 2020 Draft

It’s almost as if the Orioles, Marlins, and Royals are poorly run teams...

College World Series - Vanderbilt v Michigan - Game Two Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Similar to what happened to Kyle Wright a few years back, Austin Martin fell to pick #5 in a draft where he was clearly one of the top two players. Just like Kyle Wright, Martin just got paid based on where he should have been chosen.

Though I’m a Phillies fan by birthright, I always choose one American League team to watch based on their Diamond Dores alums (yes, that means I watch at least 324 MLB games plus playoffs on top of the eleventy billion college baseball games you already know I watch, mother). It will be the Oakland Tony Kemps this year, but when A-Mart makes his way to Toronto, that offensive core of Vladdy, Jr., Bichette, Biggio, and Martin will be a damned murderer’s row to get through, and it’s a safe assumption my eyeballs will be on it.

Anyway, congrats to A-Mart, and a hat tip to the Blue Jays for paying him what everyone who wasn’t a damned fool—again, Baltimore, Miami, and Kansas City are not smart organizations—knew he was worth.

Now if they’re really smart, they’ll put him in center field.

Also, much love to Jim Callis’s hashtag.