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7/30 Dores in the Pros MLB Game Thread

Some big nights for the former Diamond Dores.

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
“So I should just hit it into the water, then?”
Photo by Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Vanderbilt-Centric Recap

As for our Diamond Dores... Hoo Boy did some of them have a night for the ages!

I’ll let VandyImport’s comment on last night’s game thread provide the commentary:


Oh me of little faith. Giants tied it up in the 8th and Yaz leads off the 9th with his SECOND homer of the night, raising his average to .409 and his OPS to 1.273. I know it’s only a week in but we are not exactly seeing a sophomore slump from the kid.

“Well, if that ain’t a show, I’ll kiss your ass.” - Gov. Jim Folsom Sr. (D-AL), 1948-52

Posted by VandyImport on Jul 29, 2020 | 9:52 PM reply unrec (2)

Over in Cin City, Sonny Gray is now 2-0 (of course, the rest of the Reds pitchers are a collective 0-4), as he upped the ante on his opening day performance. The final line on The Cincinnati Kid? 6 & 2/3IP, 1H, 2R (none earned), 1BB, and 11K to lower his ERA to 0.71 on the season.

Oh, and he was straight up making batters look foolish.

Dansby Swanson continued his RED HOT start, going 2-4 with a 2B, 1R, and 1RBI, leading the Braves to a 7-4 win which moved them up to 3-3 on the season. Dansby is currently batting .391, and incomprehensibly, still 7th in the lineup.

Over in Pittsburgh, Bryan Reynolds ended his hitting streak at one game (going 0-3 in a 3-0 loss to the Brew Crew), but he did remind everyone that runners should “Abandon all hope, ye who run on Stache.”

*Nota bene

I had missed Carson Fulmer’s debut with the Tigers on Monday. He pitched 1 scoreless inning of relief, walking one and striking out one. It will be hard to follow relievers in this, but I’ll add De2roit to the games below.

Today’s Featured Games

Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs. Atlanta Braves—6:10pm CT MLB.TV

Watch Dansby and the Braves, as they attempt to even up the 4 game series with the Devil Rays and push their team record north of .500.

San Diego Padres vs. San Fransisky Garlic Fries—8:45pm CT FS1

Like Dansby, Yaz is scorching hot at the plate, batting a team leading .409, .773 slugging, and 1.273 OPS. Both Dansby and Yaz are appointment viewing until I tell you otherwise.

Other Games Featuring Former Dores

Chicago Cubs vs. Cin City Reds—5:10pm CT MLB.TV

As mentioned above, Sonny put a stop to the Reds’ recent 0-4 slide. Can Curt Casali and Luis Castillo keep the positive momentum going, and even up a 4 game series with the Cubbies?

Kansas City vs. De2roit—6:10pm CT MLB.TV

Can’t fault you if you don’t tune in, as it’s really tough to watch a game hoping a reliever comes in (who’s not the closer, at least), but Carson Fulmer is well-rested and available today.

See you in the comments!

MLB Covid-19 Outbreak Update

Still no move to a bubble, but MLB has added Covid-19 Compliance Officers after the fact, prompting all of us to go, “Wait... you didn’t already have them?” Certainly makes the “well, the Marlins players decided they would play on Sunday in a team meeting” thing make a heck of a lot more sense (in an infuriating way). No foresight; all reaction.

Beyond that, the Marlins are now up to 19 positive cases, and the Phillies now have 2.

Phillies vs. Toronto games for this coming weekend have been postponed, and that’s likely just the beginning.

Good. Great. Grand.