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Poll Results: MLB Game Threads

I... should have seen this coming.

Oakland Athletics Summer Workouts
Tony Kemp is the best.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I don’t know how you guys manage to coordinate so as to render all polls moot, but the results of yesterday’s poll was a tie. 50-50.

Here were the two choices:

Option 1: Targeted MLB Game Threads Daily (in which we focus on one game in which a Vanderbilt alum will be starting—for instance, Reds vs. Tigers this Friday featuring Sonny Gray as Cin City’s starting pitcher). In this option, I will watch this game, and comment mostly on it, while occasionally flipping around to other games. Commenters will be able to do the same, or comment on other games Vanderbilt alums are in.

Option 2: Open MLB Game Threads Daily (in which you can talk about whatever, but there will be no central focus or North Star by which to guide our comments).

In baseball, the tie goes to the runner, so I’m going with Option 1. Luckily for those who chose Option 2, if you actually read both options, Option 1 allows all of you Option 2 voters to still get what you want—unless the only thing you wanted was for me not to highlight one game, in which case, there are many options in our current United States dystopia for you to kill all joy and watch the world burn, so cram it with walnuts, ugly.

Up first is tomorrow’s Opening Day Double Header on ESPN.

Game 1: New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals—6pm CT ESPN

No Vanderbilt connection here (short of the plethora of Vanderbilt alums who root for these teams, and the “kindred spirits connection” of the Nats being defending MLB champions whilst our Diamond Dores are defending NCAA Champions), but it’s Gerrit Cole vs. Max Scherzer on the mound. That’s appointment viewing, ladies.

*Side note: The AL East and NL East are both absolutely loaded this year. This is normal for both divisions (especially the AL East), but with MLB trying to limit travel this season due to the pandemic, these two beasts of divisions will be exclusively playing each other during the entirety of the regular season. Expect even the best teams’ records to be affected, and a 35-25 record might take the division. The Marlins and Orioles may not win a game, save for when they are playing each other.

Game 2 (Featured Game): San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers—9pm CT ESPN

On the mound, we’ve got Johnny Cueto vs. Clayton Kershaw. We all wanted Walker “The Iron Man” Buehler to get the Opening Day nod, but it was not to be. In fact, it looks like he’ll be the Day 5 starter, for reasons that have nothing to do with his pitching ability. Safe to say the Dodgers will be favored on days when Buehler, a no doubt ace, faces the other team’s weakest starter. Bet accordingly.

With David Price opting out of the 2020 season due to health and family concerns, and Buehler not on the mound, Vandy Import gets the joy of having all of us root for his garlic-fry-breath Giants tonight, as Yaz will likely be in the starting lineup, Crazy Legs Selman will be ready to go in the pen, and Antoan Richardson will be coaching first (and thinking he could have swiped 2nd on every pitch).

*Side note: Pay close attention to the amount of pine tar used by San Francisco hitters, as their bats may be more slippery than they are used to if new manager Gape Kapler has handled them.

See you all tomorrow for a full night of baseball!


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