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Anchor Drop, June 27, 2020: 70 Days to Kickoff

Former Vanderbilt golfer Will Gordon is in a tie for second at the Travelers Championship.

Good morning. (Or possibly afternoon.)

We’re now 70 days — 10 weeks! — away from Vanderbilt football’s scheduled season opener against Mercer. #70 for the Commodores is freshman Bradley Ashmore. The 6’6”, 290-pound offensive lineman from Neptune Beach, Florida, was Vanderbilt’s first commit in the Class of 2020. (I should also note that the official roster has been updated to include new players’ jersey numbers, and a few players have switched numbers, as well.)

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Former Vanderbilt golfer Will Gordon shot a 62 in the second round of the Travelers Championship and was one shot behind leader Phil Mickelson after 36 holes. (Phil had won eight PGA Tour events before Will Gordon was born, which should tell you how old Phil is.) Gordon’s not doing so well today, as the third round started early.

Mason Hickman signed with the Cleveland Indians yesterday.

The Hustler has a bit more on recent sexual assault allegations against Vanderbilt football players. Uh, when is Vanderbilt going to issue any official statement on what happened?

Updated: When are sports coming back?

The NBA has a schedule! Officially, they’ll be back on July 30.