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Anchor Drop, June 2, 2020: 95 Days to Kickoff

It’s punter day, everyone!

Vanderbilt v South Carolina Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Good morning.

We’re now 95 days away from Vanderbilt football’s season opener against Mercer. 95 is the number of punter Harrison Smith, and here is where I remind everyone of the stupid hill I choose to die on: 95 is a defensive lineman number, not a kicker number. Anyway, Smith, a walk-on from Brentwood High, was Vanderbilt’s primary punter as a sophomore and averaged 43.0 yards per punt last season. That’s pretty good. What’s not good is that he was one of Vanderbilt’s most important players, keeping alive a long and distinguished tradition of Vanderbilt punters being very important.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Vanderbilt athletics issued a statement on the ongoing protests yesterday. And, uh, that’s all I am going to say about that. For anything else, go to Twitter.

Updated: When Will Sports Come Back?

MLB is now proposing giving players full, prorated salaries, but cutting the season to like 50 games lol this is a shitshow.

Actual Sports on TV

Your daily Korean baseball re-air is between the Lotte Giants and the Kia Tigers at 1:00 PM CT on ESPN2.