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AoG Theatre 3000 Presents: The Pumaman

We’re going meta-AoG Theatre today, as we will be riffing along with Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo. Remember, it is definitely pronounced “The Pyu-May-Man!”

It’s... the Pyu-May-Man! It’s the movie that answers the question: “Have you ever made love in the air?” with, “I’ve never seen anybody make love in the air before!” and the same woman says both lines!

*Note: She also says: “So, dinosaurs died out because they forgot how to love each other. Is that right?”

Oh Jane... bless your heart.

For real, though, in college (and, let’s be honest, grad school, too), VandyTigerPhD and I would oft debate the best overall Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode with anyone who cared to (or more often, would have preferred not to) listen. It routinely came down to this one (The Pumaman) and the one with the best Canadian Tuxedo Wearing, Beer Drinking, Mullet-Headed Hero ever conceived (Bruce J. Mitchell’s Zap Rowsdower in The Final Sacrifice). The latter is the better film with the better hero. The former has Donald Pleasance (Professor Ellis Fowler from the The Twilight Zone episode “The Changing of the Guard,“ in which a long time prep-school teacher is fired and wants to kill himself until... well, let’s be honest... it was totally a rip-off of It’s a Wonderful Life, but less horrible) as the oddly plurally named super-villain Kobras, and more often made us laugh until it was hard to breathe. As such, The Pumaman (nee Pyu-May-Man) always won by the slimmest of margins.

*Note: Don’t worry. We’ll screen The Final Sacrifice on AoG Theatre 3000 eventually. Maybe even next week.

*Additional Note: In the “Trivia Part” of The Pumaman’s IMDB page, you will see the following:

Star Donald Pleasence once cited this as the worst film he’d ever been in.


I recommend this version [search your Smart TV’s Youtube channel/app for MST3K (Cinema Edition): S09E03 - The Pumaman (1980)], though the person who posted it won’t allow it to be embedded, so I embedded another version. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, though, as they’re both a little over 90 minutes long.

Once more... there is no reason to click the embedded video if you have a Smart TV. Just search your Smart TV’s Youtube channel/app for MST3K (Cinema Edition): S09E03 - The Pumaman (1980) a few minutes before 8pm CT tonight, and you’ll be fully capable of watching it on your TV and commenting below.

In fact, I’ll post the article a little earlier than usual to give you all enough time to search for and load the movie on Youtube.

Once you’ve got everything all set, feel free to argue for your favorite MST3K Episode in the comments below until we all collectively hit play at 8pm CT.

See you at 8pm! And remember, as Kobras says:

Your mind and your will belong to me... forever!