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AoG Theatre 3000 Presents: Swiss Army Man (Netflix)

Ever wonder what would happen if the corpse of Harry Potter washed up on a deserted island where Paul Dano lives? No? Well, shut up. You’re getting it anyway! Join us at 8pm CT.

AOL Build Presents - Paul Dano And Daniel Radcliffe From The Movie “Swiss Army Man” Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

After two weeks of letting Mystery Science Theatre 3000 do the majority of our riffing for us, we’re back with a regular film. Well, not exactly a regular film. I sincerely doubt anyone has ever called Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s 2016 “man marooned on a deserted island befriends possibly magical corpse” buddy comedy film “regular.”

Oh, and that corpse is played by Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe. And that man is played by Paul Dano.

That’s three Daniels and a Dano, for those who are counting.

Anyway... this film has been on my queue so long it switched streaming service platforms from Amazon Prime to Netflix. What better time to finally clear this madness from my “list of films to eventually get to” than a time where people are poison, and ass-bags are out there spitting Covid-19 into the faces of workers who politely ask them to cover there face for a damned minute?

Okay. That got dark. Let’s cure that with some brutally dark comedy.

Get your Netflix queue and cocktails ready, and hit play on Swiss Army Man at precisely 8pm CT.

See you in the comments.