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Game Thread: Top Chef Season 17 Week 7

Nini and Pink Hair Karen got axed... well... kind of

Stacy’s Rise Project/Circular Summit 2019 Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Frito-Lay North America

Many of you were watching the draft last week, so you might have missed this. You have no such excuse tonight.

Quick recap:

Melissa and Kevin won. It’s them and Gregory in the finals this year or you done messed up, A-A-ron.

Nini and Pink Hair Karen lost... but got a chance at redemption in Last Chance Kitchen. No spoilers, but one of them is coming back, and you will not like which one.

Freaking Malarkey continues to survive despite cooking like ass and having one of the world’s most punchable faces.

Discuss in the comments.

These are the only sports we have left. Let’s fucking do this, AoG.