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Whiskey Goggles: Rye Me Down

Rye Bourbon is the best Bourbon. Fight Me.

Wild Turkey

This quarantine has called for something more potent than beer. That’s right, it’s time for Whiskey Goggles.

I have moved my family back to the Music City (yes, it’s the third time. Don’t try and make sense of medical training and employment). And I did it during this worldwide pandemic. So you know what, I inoculated myself with Rye Whiskey— the best of all the bourbon whiskeys.

Before you go and get angry because I didn’t discuss Scotch or American Whiskey or even bourbon, I say to you, Rye is spicy and perfect. Look, my worldview suggests that it is harder to produce something than critique it. That bourbon is perfect, but Rye is better. I know, I’m a living contradiction.

Rye takes everything I love about bourbon and twists it to make it just punishing enough. To say, “you think you can just drink me and abuse me, but you can’t! I’m too tough!” And in the words of Texan, George Straight, “[Rye] will leave you with a smile.”

Here’s my top three

Russell’s Reserve Rye

Have you ever reached singularity with anything? Maybe a pizza at 3:00 AM after you stumbled home from the bar? Or once you and your golf club were so in sync that you holed out. It’s possible that you found the beat at a wedding to ‘NSYNC and owned the dance floor (although, is that really owning it? Outkast or James Brown, please!)

Russell’s is distilled by Wild Turkey. It was named after their master distillery. It is perfect. And their Rye is even more perfect (thank you Mr. Jefferson, although not Jefferson’s bourbon). It

Bulleit Rye

The thing about Bulleit is yum. The thing about Bulleit Rye is ziiiinggg, then yum. You can’t drink it too fast. You can’t necessarily enjoy it. But damn is it good. Neat only!

Knobb Creek Rye

It’s the BMW of Bourbon. Knobb is like sleek, smooth, and perfect. And in a world where perfection makes you think something is wrong, Knobb earns my stank-eye. But its Rye earns a place in my Rye Manhattan on the rocks.